The Wrap Lab

The Wrap Lab is the pragmatic choice for designing, printing and installing car wraps for your Denver, Colorado business. We are message positioning professionals.

Vehicle Wraps by the Wrap Lab

Welcome to the Wrap Lab - a full service vehicle wrap company in Parker, Colorado. The Wrap Lab can create tasteful and meaningful vehicle graphics for your business fleet or vehicle. With our complete custom vehicle wrap you are going draw attention to your business from your target market. That is what makes the Wrap Lab different, we design wraps based on research unique to our clients market. We turn your vehicles into eye-catching mobile advertising-profit-makers. Our work and reputation speaks for itself. While the car wrap industry has matured over the past 12 years, the Wrap Lab has differentiated itself from its competitors by employing advertising professionals that strengthen your brand tactfully. Our advertising professionals have the capacity and experience to make your vehicle wrap investment effective and profitable in the competitive Denver metropolitan area. Many small businesses in Highlands Ranch and Castle Rock are looking to truck wraps to get an edge on the competition, you should too!

Many of our competitor’s will talk about the materials they install, the printer they use or the great installation practices their installers are capable of. While these are important pieces to installing a quality wrap, they do not support evidence of an effective and profitable wrap. The advertising message and how it is created is the single most important piece of the process in delivering a responsible vehicle wrap and we believe we are the best at it. Just to confirm we print our wraps with an industy best 8 color printer while most of our competitor’s use a 4 or 6 color printer. We print on 3M or Avery Supercast material and all of our wraps our laminated. Our professional installers are either 3M certified or Fellers Certified. Please view our gallery which provides a few examples of our creative work.

Small Business Owners

How would you like to own a modern billboard that can deliver your message for years instead of months? Well you probably do. And better yet, it's a mobile billboard. Whether you have a single vehicle associated with your business or a small to mid size fleet of vehicles (delivery, service, sales, or other related vehicles) if a vehicle isn't wrapped the business is not taking advantage of the valuable advertising space it already owns. It's clearly a missed opportunity. Vehicle wraps in effect transform your fleet into low cost Mobile Billboards that continuously promote your business. Simple vinyl lettering is rarely effective and sometimes can be a waste of money because of the lack of visibility. By wrapping a vehicle a business is exposing its product or service to thousands of potential customers on a daily basis. Statistics have proven that one vehicle wrap can generate tens of thousands impressions a day. The cost of vehicle wrap advertising which lasts for years is minimal, especially when compared to other forms of advertising. Vehicle wraps are must haves for small businesses in Highlands Ranch and the surrounding area because of fierce competition.